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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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technology from the realm. this is r t and so neither war dragging on for a decade the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan passes the ten year mark but the taliban defeated nowhere in sight and human cost that is rising faster than ever. meanwhile in the u.k. enough is enough say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal i gather in london to mark the afghan wars tenth anniversary. and he called for a sentiment spreads fast across the u.s. the occupy wall street movement criticized the lacking organization but it proves is far from chaotic and it is in for the long haul as we reported night.
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this is our team from moscow it's eight pm here now saturday evening my name's kevin and first the u.s. led war in afghanistan is now past the ten year mark it's been widely dubbed the decade of failure with nato troops no closer to victory of the taliban and human cost though it does keep rising both among the soldiers and the afghan civilians who demand an end to the aimless war and violence it brings down on the show some reports for r.t. . and the other day on afghanistan so the. war council. displayed official claims that the war is being won to close and live in a sling executed was yet for u.s. forces fighting to take the kid one taliban insurgents but thanks to improved with a quick trip abilities casualty some would have persian previous conflicts survive these two soldiers one patrol a vehicle one would side bomb exploded before it took less than half an hour for
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a member of the crew to pick for not by helicopter and deliver them to the. trauma ward at kandahar air field one of the country's busiest their injuries are not extreme i mean we will most likely stay on base until they've recovered more severe cases such as it continues or flown to germany for treatment right yes. this was so it was built to save critically injured american troops fresh from the front lines but doctors here also treat afghan civilians caught in the crossfire with nowhere else to go for help nine year old will leave was shot in the head by a stray bullet earlier this year when u.s. marines got into a firefight with the taliban his village in helmand province aboard shared part of his school and would have killed him if not for emergency surgery and six months document part says he was treated more than a fair share of african stations mostly gun shows blast victims in this follow up operation he and his team are reconstructing the boy's forehead with
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a titanium mission that were stored as appearance. i. want to i was a crowd of i didn't i i i think. i michelle. in the recovery ward well he's called the other says that while he's sure it was a u.s. marine but with his son he's grateful for the first class treatment he has rescinded which either or i'm just happy that he's ok the shooting was a mistake so he's forgiven accident or not the enduring insurgency suggests that no amount of good will can compensate for civilian casualties that continue to climb each month in a war that grown zone jason will plug and play into or going to stand for our team well at his military on lessons in afghanistan he's asking why american struggling to contain the insurgency despite its huge military superiority he got his comments
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coming up here is a bit later on called when i was time in fact also on our web site tonight we're asking what legacy. you think the ten year afghan occupation is left this is what you're telling us just over half of you say the war has brought us nothing but bloodshed and bankruptcy just over fifty three percent there is a third of you think those years of just turned out to understand the world's biggest heroin how under a fifth of you just under fifty believe the occupation is cleared the way for the american invasion of pakistan and we have three percent of you voting to say the world is a safer place because of this ten year long war not going to r.t. dot com you can have your say on the issue will be a place in your life. to it which america. targets. should feel the full us. vision to bring peace and stability to the. world to use
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it only enough to change. the anger about the afghan war is mounting in the u.k. to which is the second largest number of troops deployed in the country hundreds of british soldiers have been killed since the conflict began antiwar activists celebrities and politicians are gathering in london protesting over a decade of war that is either bennett reports from the capital. this huge protest center in the center of london has magical sentiment in the public magination here in britain is nearly full from people very angry pay their way there in the first place obviously the period of time of the cuts because sterling has risen through all this money in n.z. really being pumped into a seemingly unwinnable war and will live hundred million as a nation in development aid to the ngos and say well no it's no reaching it's the right people is the only thing you see all going to really having much of an effect on to let you know thousand troops that are being killed in. a us university frowny
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university thirty thousand other people i mean you know in this case. the billions insurgents. want to talk more about this is john hearing from them oh it's a charity war on one show he's very much first in someone's name pulled out of nationalism the human rights situation going on in afghanistan where he says better or worse and it was so nice to get working in the last five years in particular we've seen a terrible problem in human rights this is the poorest escalates here it's failed to bring any extra stability to the scene many more children being sent to drive to their rights and many more being killed a pretty nice collection of us in pakistan as well as in afghanistan because there's another lurching from people who died in indonesia as well so it's not killing that's in any way hearing much much when you present causes also comes with an address the fact there is rampant eruption in afghanistan in the process of getting to the people are really needed but he's playing on the international
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community really said we're nigerian rational goes a trillion dollars on the sea insulate corruption within the whole of the afghan government and the key thing here is about getting the foreign troops out the people in afghanistan now doing britain on the you know here the seventy four percent of the people out troops because that's what we're saying to the government like the early trips i mean you can start dealing with all of the problems. well it's not even john hillery on or on one thanks very much thing to r.c. the process has now moved on after four hours of public speeches by some high profile campaigns including. two thousand people also attended the demonstration the largest and your demonstration in the last few years now marching to downing street to take their protests to prime minister david cameron. well all of them. on the antiwar protest the start of the latest on our twitter feed underscore cobb recent tweet quotes award winning war correspondent john pilger says the war afghanistan was
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a fraud as was the war in iraq and the attack on libya the latest we've got for you don't forget you can also see our footage of the protests as well at our to you tube channel. we can leaks founder julian assange who is among the high profile speakers that antiwar protest in london he spoke to him about the military interventions and the libya conflict in particular. the lesson for libya is that there are only two superpowers in the world worth speaking why one of the united states and europe these two superpowers have gotten together to take over the country the regional justification in the no fly zone over libya has been completely of use it shows the various no effective rule. night in nations is going to be a lesson to us every time that a small mandate is given. military and intelligence. it is a slippery slope that leads to the takeover of countries or hundreds. of people
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rallied in the center of london today demanded an end not only to the afghan war but also to the ongoing intervention in libya where revolutionary forces have launched one of the biggest isolde she had on more market fees hometown of sirte the interim government claims they now control most of the city but they're still facing face resistance from those loyal to the ousted leader despite reports claiming thousands of people have left many more remain meaning there's a high risk of civilian casualties libya's interim leaders say says fall is crucial to formally declaring liberation and shuttling elections but british opposition m.p. jeremy corben told us that in pursuit of this a many are ignoring the high human cost. and i think the media wishes it was over because the whole story was to be a nature intervention could have to disappear libyan new government wasn't quite worked out like that i suspect we're in danger of descended into a civil war within the t.n.c. and i'm also told on the lawn of the reports i'm hearing from human rights moments
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is about the attacks on african people by the t.n.c. forces because they're all believed to be mercenaries working for gadhafi these are african people who went to libya to get jobs and now be in the streets continue and survive so i think it is very disturbing it says a great deal about the rather. dragged into this. pretense of a no fly zone in reality a massive bombing campaign i think six thousand sorties a bombing maybe more taking over libya and huge numbers of civilian casualties this was supposed to be protecting civilians in benghazi shows just how many have died in church already. street unrest seems to cover all parts of the globe these days in the u.s. the occupy wall street movement spread to gazans of american cities including the capital washington d.c. such as anti corporate protests in new york until the fourth week the city's mayor recently lashed out at demonstrators center actions are hurting the economy protest as whoever insists it's the greed of just one percent of the u.s.
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population with drove the country into financial chaos in the first place despite being branded as an accused by many of those camping out in a well organized and they say they've got a clear agenda as a teaser to see a truck and i discovered. these are and. you know. accused of being an artist and disorganized the occupy wall street encampment is far from chaotic it is small village broken up into themed sections better organized than i thought it would be. they really have it set up so that there isn't a clear leader in the organization the way that it's being done but at the same. every part seems to be handled by my medical area staffed by volunteers provides on the spot assistance a comfort area supply sweaters and blankets to keep demonstrators warm as the season gets chilly or while the door needed sleeping bags pile up as the number of
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protesters grows bigger redistricted chimed in terms of you're from richmond virginia the kitchen providing a traditional american breakfast bread bagels and peanut butter and jelly plant roots are used to filter water here we have breakfast at seven thirty in the morning people don't work for spirits. grade cereals we have lunch around about noon we have snacks considering you continually throughout the day you should dinner at seven thirty the media center has been broadcasting a live stream from day one of the protests for already three weeks videos film during clashes with police are posted online from these laptops you've got people coming in running in here i mean you know adrenaline rush with cameras i got footage i got footage you know processing footage getting it online and simultaneously having people tweet you know on facebook when i social media using social media to. get the message out of what's happening as quick as possible wife feeds of the protests are being followed by supporters across the u.s.
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and the world of the viewership really goes up as you keep a steady content you know provision information is also spread in more traditional ways the status board helps protesters keep up to date with the occupation developments the twenty one of occupy wall street zero chance of great number of arrests to date over eight hundred thirty for. a library area let's protesters relax and educate themselves with literature reading most tastes fiction nonfiction magazines you have a kid section we got c.d.'s we had d.v.d.'s a guy dropped documentaries okee by wall street prides itself in being a peaceful grassroots democratic movement without leaders there are just different decisions made by different groups is that if there is to be some decision it's going to supposedly speak on bart on behalf of everyone here but now we need to happen at the evening general assembly and we need to be consensus on by everyone here all of the many cooks in this kitchen are here to cook up one thing
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a revolution of change in america is the situation archie new york now with more reaction from the protests and wall street next to. i mean thirty five areas that are wildly down by one percent of the population if you're going to be that wealthy you should have to pay a tax to be that wealthy as waves of public anger to cross the u.s. we take a closer look at what activists actually want. meantime cross the atlantic things are looking to good for the economy the banking system has been rocked as a credit rating of twelve financial institutions graded leading ratings agency moody's said the downgrades would do to doubts over the u.k. government's future support the likely to drive borrowing costs and make it more difficult for businesses to get loads but a leading british economist mark little we're told downgrades
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a reality check the u.k. needed a long time ago. we already have inflation of around about five percent in the united kingdom which compared to recent years this is hardly putting more money into the economy risks actually increasing that inflation is supposed to be the bank of england's central key toss to actually keep inflation under control two and a half percent or less my concern is that quantitative easing throwing another suddenly falling billion pounds into the economy is actually a distraction from what the u.k. government needs when you know you very aggressive and radical broad stretch what i think they lack at the moment what we've got to get away from in the united kingdom and actually right across the western world more generally is this every single bank is copper bottomed because if they get into trouble the taxpayer will play all the way out and one of the key things that the u.k. government is struggling with is how do we allow it to go through the wall to fail without actually destroying the wider economy and i think that these these
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downgrades of banks actually reflect the fact that we are beginning to move away from what was a hopeless and helpless situation in which basically every bank you know you crashed when the time when the government would come to their right so it's a grim warning but in the sinai as you would wish to have an almost a toy just from your doctor about your state of health i think it is a welcome warning. now coming up in about five minutes or so you show here on our team is robert foster delves into the depths of the dead straight and global economy is a quick look at what to expect as unique style with this rendition of a recession wrap. the world seems to come towards global ordering of my thoughts of the book and it's an interesting quote we invested much in this enterprise should my guy in it's very demise real economy is something much more to its g.d.p. measured not by our ability to afford but our capacity to really learn to know not place in nature the order of business for mean on this planet ark our pandora.
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is very clever we've got more that fears and it's time now let me take it back to a top story tonight the tenth anniversary of the afghan war we mark this weekend washington's trying to mend ties with one of its main allies in the war started relations have recently been hit by mutual accusations and political differences and that is one of the honestly going to khrushchev reports next from afghanistan. this is the commanding height that dominates this sweeping view of the. area of kabul the afghan capital. right behind me the reason there are three weeks ago was under the twenty hour with siege by the ha going to network let's take a closer look at what went wrong we have very global war on terror first after al qaeda central radio pashtun tribal belt along the afghan pakistani border the state
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department filed a request with the pakistan for cooperation against osama bin laden going to slam about brazenly ignored diplomatic requests from washington d.c. we have the middle finger behind their back see if they could and should have saved the day by activating their formidable human intelligence network in afghanistan to conduct their stand body snatching mission and to bring to justice but they just blew it looking back at operation enduring freedom the question is not what went wrong with this mission the question is what's preventing the w. bush administration to look at all other options and for starters to make sure that pakistan will be treated as a reliable ally not after but before the nine eleven did
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strike the united states expert opinion then from artie's monitronics of going to khrushchev reporting from afghanistan and we take this world news in brief in a speech on state television the president of yemen has announced he's to step down in the coming days and he government protesters have been demanding an end to the earlier bullets allays thirty three year rule for nine months now and the rest is paralyzed the country led to a rafah thousand people being killed according to official estimates violence in yemen's escalated since allays recent return from saudi. arabia where he was treated after assassination attempt in. a bus and crashed into a cliff or need an easy as jar violence killed four people and injured dozens of others three dutch tourists were among the dead and investigations under way but early reports suggest they were poor road conditions and the bus was overloaded it comes just a month after a similar crash on the island left nineteen people dead. thousands of students of march through italy's capital protesting against education cuts they threw paint
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and flares and pranks and tried to block well we're lions but revenge they dispersed by the police have been straighter said the event marks a new wave of what's been called hot autumn which last year saw several thousand people clash with police italy recently signed off forty five billion euros of cuts to tackle its debts. i'm kevin owen thanks being with us tonight about the headlines about ten minutes for you next the do bloom of the world's financial turmoil r.t. brings you a rather different wrap on it just ahead tonight. floor
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model perceived as the critical function structure of the farms of the world. ladies and gentlemen you should introduce new sense a good will for examining the status of the human experiments he said seating will it have to be a nazi we pursue a broken system disrupt the news or to expose the clueless allegedly trying to make sense about global economy and it's all changed things as financial temple seeds of the priesthood is scrambling to maintain a confidence in hmong kids and banks not to critics wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look to be the nation's close to collapsing in some like loan foreclosed homes of people such as belong to the failed aaa bets against the
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liberal slicing is the us crash seems imminent and smashed the debt ceiling of fourteen trillion just like protests and clashes in the streets the i.m.f. imposed structurally on just programs in greece where he actually told economy and saw language from the greek economy of meaning household management well i hope i'll be managing phoebe's account in practice if anyone actually know what the hell they've been happening to me again some sanity we take a stock and close to texas with our first guest welcome to rap music to pull the economy what's your diagnosis of it's all well we dropped the ball i'm a physician politics and business pathological see the global economy is chronically ailing believe me because we plan it is truly paid for its course credit card you know christine we feed suppression and trauma across the board is there a cure for more capitalism plans and the market will take care of the rail cars enough maneuvers seeburg to claim three of. our economy was inflated sorry but we
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can't be in the current season the. body is a commodity is the biggest fraud in the history of humanity this must come. deltona capitalist system isn't just another p.c. theory like communism. you see this list because the free market is a bad spirits were lifted her by this because we now am is the cabal of corporations with state business lucratively mostly just exemplified by the system of the same truth there we don't need to call more to pay their debts because campaigning. for. things wrong now for another fine line a long line frequency is the director behind some guys on the line live to madrid filmmaker peter thompson thank you robert for allowing me to speak as moment before right to live the prognosis we need this week. to keep a spoke. to these fighters that are if you will in a system that sickly inherently flawed the whole morning everything is the single
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cause economies and progress it doesn't need this is exactly it's. funny isn't it interesting. all economy has been set up to see you so that you don't agree with congressman ross. is the solution to a good along for the illusion that these debts can be served by using money which is frankly absurd it's a way of maintaining divisions we could take an abundance of all the scarcity we need to create jobs live within our means health care and welfare schemes. is just another socialist vision this is true such customs socialism. is it just rhetoric you really. quite opposition. to competition leads us to your bullish all competition evolution. is just a week with the full picture believe me. in a sense scripture says the real bible side has been for what's then some kind of.
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brutal. truth to be. thank you for your seach contributions brief attempts to alleviate confusion or lines you both inspired and. like to use the time you have a practical solution i believe. technology could seize. piece of the. resource based economy futuristic. valjean a culture. shock is it would save. you
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is this is the entire you're seeing rationalization such. a canal is simply. the solution depopulation initiation. since to. me. from our. side you. see the. head still stood
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strong. carrie fought the. crimes called the catalyst. for me. is this the solution you know just a demonstration of my love for a living she told me is coming love. ron paul and i approve these messages with you is that your bias a bit of time to share with the work before we end for the night off the local economy it does seem it will. be it's good to see the company stock that's always been rising and now we're using common sense but is it surprising because it was pretty candid from the first seed we planted much in the case of the footsie one hundred twelve seems to come to us global fourteen off financially if it's an interesting claim to be investing much in this enterprise it would meet the speech of my client it's very demise for our real economy is something much more to its
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g.d.p. measured not by our ability to hoard but our capacity to read learn to no no place in nature that would have enough for mean on this planet arc. wealthy british soil. is not on the tires on. the market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. leisure and discoveries museum in the.
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it came with the wyoming. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you a nazi. world . view the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've dumped the future of coverage.


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